Creative Wishes design and development portfolio of Kavita Misra


My career started as a business entrepreneur of an online bookstore. The demand of the business motivated me to learn HTML and web skills on my own, which I later enhanced by joining a professional school. Ever since then the journey has not stopped. I went on to start and manage another business (an online coupon delivery service), go back to school once more to learn design skills and then work for different organizations as a print and web designer. Browse through my site to find various examples of web design, print design and logo design.

I am a highly motivated, self-driven management professional with strong background in web design and front end web development with a continuous desire to improve myself. I am creative as well as an articulate achiever with excellent organizational, interpersonal and analytical skills.

In my free time you can find me scrapbooking, crafting or dabbling in digital designs. Take a look at some of the fun stuff I have made here.